Strategies to Get Your EdgeRank Soaring High on Facebook

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In its simplest form, social media is intended for communicating with people whom you know and don’t know. It is also a way of keeping in touch and enabling you to socialize in the World Wide Web without the need to spend money or even dress up, like you would when attending a party. In its complex and more usable function, however, it generates traffic for businesses and entities that link them to their websites. From a social network, it becomes a commercial medium where entrepreneurs and prospective clients meet and share ideas.

But whether your Facebook account is for personal or business use, there is a great need to optimize it to bump your EdgeRank (news feed algorithm) from zero to ten. That is because when you are highly visible, the more people will be able to know what you are offering and whether or not it is beneficial for them.

The Facts

Unlike SEO where a certain level of expertise is required, boosting your EdgeRank is fairly easy. And it requires only a few things, both of which are surprisingly within reach or can be provided without breaking a sweat. What are they? Photos and Text.

The Strategies

Using Photos. Pictures, they say, writes a thousand words. In Facebook though, it generates just as much fan engagement when used the right way. This stems from the fact that among all the six post types provided, photo is the top most commonly used. For that reason, you need to provide images for just about everything, including your links. If you will be uploading a video ad or the like, add a thumbnail and a link with it, too.

Still, doubtful about the power of pictures? Well, an experiment done by Brian Carter, a brand advocate of Page Lever, showed that you get more clicks on links with photos. With that said, start gathering your company’s best images or use for access to more humorous and engaging pictures.

Creating Albums. Considering that one photograph can be equivalent to a hundred or more clicks, why not compile plenty of images in one album? With one interesting cover, you can be sure that the rest will be viewed, increasing your visibility in the process. What is great about an album is that you can compile it in such a way that it tells a story.

Promoting Photos. So you have made a book of all relevant photographs. You can further widen your reach by advertising the album or pictures to other social media networks such as LinkedIn and Twitter. You can do the same thing via email. All you have to do is extract the URL behind the album or photo and start advertising.

Writing Longer, Substantial Posts. Although there is no confirmation, clicks on “see more” can bump EdgeRank as well. So instead of adding just one sentence, you should put in an entire paragraph or anything long enough to compel other viewers to “see more”. Doing so will not only generate clicks, but gives an impression that you made an effort with your post, leading to more shares.

Post Targeting. This works similarly to creating a marketing campaign where you have to consider your demographics to get your message across. The only difference is that the feature is already available on all Facebook pages. All you need to do is segment your fan based on gender, age, likes, relationship status, location, etc. You can then target a post to a particular demographic that you can interact frequently and in most probability engage in. Those who are in the loop, but are very interested, would likely want to join along with half of their friends. Another alternative would be to divide your audience and then rollout multiple posts all at once.

The Conclusion

Using Facebook as a medium for business marketing is effective if you know the tools to take advantage of. Come to think of it though, the materials you need actually come from you.


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